蟒营™ 钩陈各种值得探讨
ZoomQuiet大妈 is PodCasting from 蟒营™ is OpenSource online course framework, the goal is help people design the effective course, the really help learnner effective learnning. But we discover the main problem for learnning is how to clear thinking and asking, so we try usage PodCasting discuss all kinds of things be worth discussion;这是蟒营™ 的电台, 是个开源网络课程框架, 目的是帮助人们构建有效课程, 令学习者真正进入学习状态. 在运营过程中我们发现问题最大的问题是: 如何清晰的思考以及提问, 所以, 开始尝试用 PodCasting 形式邀请各种学习者来讨论一切值得讨论的.